Footwear is responsible for 20% of all environmental impacts generated by the fashion industry. Sure, fast shoe brands might be the primary contributors to this statistic, but we know that luxury labels play a role, too. All of us need to take accountability and do our part to secure a brighter future for the planet.

We’ve been working hard to reduce our footprint, and the steps we’ve taken in the past year alone are a testament that. We pledged to work with better materials and minimize our contribution to landfills, and we’ve already followed through on both of these promises in so many ways.


We said we’d start working exclusively with leathers that are certified by the Leather Working Group (LWG)—an organization that measures the environmental impact of tanneries based on emissions, energy consumption, water usage, and waste management. Being that high quality is so important to us, we selected leathers that are not merely certified, but Gold-certified by the LWG. This means they meet the organization’s highest standards for environmental sustainability.


We developed Koio ReCycled™ [68 TPU] outsoles and Koio ReCycled™ [30 EVA] midsoles—the former is made with 68% recycled TPU, and the latter is made with 30% recycled EVA. To create them, we collected excess TPU and EVA scraps from neighboring Italian factories, then inserted them into our sole production process. As a result, we were able to divert these materials away from landfills and minimize the need for virgin materials—which require far more fossil fuel, energy and water to produce.


Koios are designed and constructed to last for many years, so we launched Koio Vintage to keep gently worn and factory-fresh but less-than-perfect styles out of landfills and in circulation for their entire lifecycle. We know that creating an account and marketing your shoes on resale websites can take a while, so we made the process easy—just send your gently worn Koios to us and we’ll sell them for you.


Even the most well-made shoes will eventually reach the end of their lifecycle. To prevent Koios from ending up in landfills when they reach this point, we developed a recycling program. It’s simple, let us know when you’re ready and we’ll send you a shipping box and label, then return your Koios to us and we’ll ensure all components are properly recycled.

We’re motivated by the success of the steps we’ve taken in the past year, which is why we’re excited to share that we’ve already hit the ground running with our vision for the future of Koio: to become the world’s first regenerative luxury footwear brand. Read more about our goals here.