Trends come and go, but the Beverly Hills Hotel has remained in style for more than 100 years. Maintaining such a glamorous aura for so many decades is no easy feat, so the hotel needs an expert to oversee its operations—that’s where General Manager Edward Mady comes in.

Mady is a pioneer in the world of hotels. In 2017, he was presented with the esteemed Hotelier of the World award. Such an honor is bestowed only upon those who have created extraordinary experiences for their guests.

Ahead of our second collaboration with the Beverly Hills Hotel, we sat down with Mady to find out what it takes to create these experiences.


The Beverly Hills Hotel’s guest list is perhaps the most illustrious of any. It includes American presidents from John F. Kennedy Jr. to Lyndon B. Johnson, icons from Marilyn Monroe to John Lennon, and modern artists from Sean Combs to Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

Ask Mady what his secret is to bringing these guests back time and again, and he’ll tell you it’s all about putting yourself in their shoes. His 15-word philosophy goes like this: “Remember me. Recognize me. Anticipate my needs, and give me what I want on time.” This philosophy is simple in theory, but putting these words to action requires an incredibly high level of care and compassion from the hotel’s team.

The team needs to be there for its guests at all times, and at the same time give them “uncompromised privacy and the highest levels of discretion,” Mady says. Achieving this balance is difficult, but the team has mastered the art of doing so by getting to know its visitors over time.

“We respect, hear, and engage with our individual guests.” In doing so, the hotel has learned how to create “the most memorable experiences and empathetic service[s] possible.” A memorable time, Mady believes, is “the true meaning of luxury,”

Each and every employee goes out of their way to make these memorable experiences happen.

When the hotel’s pastry chef, Brooke Martin, learned that one couple had been visiting to celebrate their anniversary every year, she decided to make a tradition of recreating their wedding cake. Martin truly enjoys doing this, too—so much that she can tell you exactly what kind of cake it is without any hesitation.

“I remember [it] to the T,” Martin told us. “[It’s] a chocolate chip cake […] with a vanilla buttercream, and their cake topper [is] a lot of white roses.” For their 20-year anniversary, she took things one step further, creating a two-tier version of the cake.

The couple is thrilled every time. Once, they even staged a photoshoot with the cake.

This kind of experience is unforgettable, and it keeps guests coming back for decades.


A timeless design is just as important as impeccable service—and few hotels have perfected their design like the Beverly Hills Hotel. “This is what our guests comment about the most,” Mady says—and it’s easy to see why.

Upon arriving at the hotel, the first thing you’ll notice is its pink facade. The color is unlike anything you’d see at another luxury hotel, so you have to wonder what would’ve inspired it. When we asked about this, Mady told us that the original white exterior was repainted in 1948 “to complement California’s beautiful sunset colors and the country club style of that time.” Decades after the styles of the time faded, the exterior of the hotel remained pink. And for that reason, “the hotel is [now] affectionately referred to as the Pink Palace.”

Inside the Pink Palace, a botanical print sprawls across the walls. This print is modeled after the iconic Martinique® banana leaf pattern, created by Los Angeles interior design company CW Stockwell. The esteemed interior designer Don Loper recreated the original print for the Beverly Hills Hotel back in 1942, and since then it’s become one of the establishment’s most recognizable features.

Step outside and you’ll discover tens of sunbeds lining the pool, all decorated with bold, green and white stripes. Like the pink facade and the botanical wallpaper, the striped sunbeds have remained in place since they were introduced decades ago. So many distinguished guests have been photographed lounging on them, so each one holds an important place in the hotel’s glamorous history.

These trend-transcending design elements and all of the memories created among them, along with the unparalleled service that employees provide, “[have] allowed The Beverly Hills Hotel to bridge generations for many decades and remain as relevant as ever.”

What makes every stay at the Beverly Hills Hotel so remarkable is the unique mindset that guides Mady and his team. They don’t see themselves only as hoteliers. Rather, as Mady puts it: “We’re in the business of making memories.”

Koio x The Beverly Hills Hotel will be available exclusively through the Beverly Hills Hotel on May 3.